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Споразумение за сътрудничество между Bossard и Cosanum

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February 12, 2018
Ambitious healthcare partnership

The Bossard Group and healthcare logistics provider Cosanum have entered into a partnership to supply hospitals, nursing homes, and home care organizations. Bossard brings its recognized expertise in intelligent supply processes and automated logistics solutions to the partnership, making its systems available exclusively to Cosanum AG for use in healthcare. Cosanum AG supplies an extensive range of products to hospitals, nursing homes, and home care organizations throughout Switzerland. The company’s goal is to largely automate the supply processes with its customers. This cooperation marks the first time the Bossard Group will deploy its Smart Factory Logistics solutions in the healthcare sector.

The cooperation between Cosanum and Bossard has the potential to automate supply processes across the healthcare sector following the Industry 4.0 model. Both companies believe this approach has benefits for all parties involved and harbors major opportunities for development. One significant advantage of automating such order and delivery processes is the amount of time it saves caregivers. Relieved of time-consuming materials management tasks, they can devote themselves to their core task: looking after patients. It has always been the Bossard Group’s philosophy that its logistics systems must contribute measurably to its customers’ competitiveness. This productivity-oriented philosophy has proven itself in the industry. Bossard’s subsidiary Effilio will now market these logistics systems in other industry sectors outside of Bossard’s core business.

As for Cosanum, it has grown into a market leader in healthcare logistics. Through innovative logistics concepts it helps its customers reduce process costs and optimize the selection of products. By expanding its portfolio with Bossard-developed logistics solutions like SmartBin flex and SmartLabel, Cosanum is setting new performance standards for its customers.

The recently signed agreement has the potential to turn into a long-term partnership. The first projects will be launched soon, and initial successes are expected later this summer. Both partners are well aware that a long-term partnership is viable only if it results in a win-win situation for everybody, including the customers. According to the terms of the agreement, Bossard and Cosanum will remain independent firms and no cross holding is planned.